Ask Dr Ruth

Ask Dr Ruth (2019) // Animation Director

Documentary Feature Film

Charting the incredible life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor who became America's most famous sex therapist.


See Through (2019) // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Film

In the moments after a Deaf couple discovers they are pregnant, a coffee shop thrums with everything left unsaid.  Starring 2018 Tony Nominee Lauren Ridloff. 


Boys (2016) // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Film

A friendship between two adolescent boys takes several abrupt turns one night.


Arrival (2014)  // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Film

Berlin 2014. A young Israeli Jewish mother with her 4-year-old son arrives at a major train station.  Her son innocently instigates an encounter the mother doesn’t want to have.

My Matthew (2014) // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Film

Ryan, a young graphic design student meets Matthew, a mature school teacher, in a corner of a street. The ambiguous meeting turns out to be an unexpected sexual encounter between the two. 

Searching For Them (2016) // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Animated Film

2009. The Gaza war. An Israeli soldier remembers the last moments with his two deceased brothers.

Runaway (2015) // Writer Director

Narrative- Short Film

Annabelle, a lonely actress on the road, performs with her theater troupe in a small bar. After a failed attempt to escape the life she leads, she decides to runaway. Based on the piece In Our Profession by Tennessee Williams.

Telling Israel's Story  // Director

Campaign for The Times of Israel