Copy of film

Boys (2016) Short, live action

 A friendship between two adolescent boys takes several abrupt turns one night.

Arrival (2014) Short, live action

Berlin. 2014. A young Israeli Jewish mother with her 4-year-old son arrives at a major train station.  Her son innocently instigates an encounter the mother doesn’t want to have.

Runaway (2015) Short, live action.

 Annabelle, a lonely actress on the road, performs with her theater troupe in a small bar. After a failed attempt to escape the life she leads, she decides to runaway. Based on the piece In Our Profession by Tennessee Williams.

My Matthew (2014) Short, live action.

 Ryan, a young graphic design student meets Matthew, a mature school teacher, in a corner of a street. The ambiguous meeting turns out to be an unexpected sexual encounter between the two. 

Searching For Them (2016) Short, animation

2009. The Gaza war. An Israeli soldier remembers the last moments with his two deceased brothers.

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